things that will instantly improve any movie:

  • dragons
  • robots
  • bickering scientists
  • lesbians

how about bickering lesbian scientists that build robots to fight dragons

Pacific Rim was so close.

 (via queerhawkeye)

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I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing

like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed

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ive never played kingdom hearts or final fantasy but im 90% sure that by now they have way too many games for me to start trying to care

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AmoeBAND became a 2012 IDEA Award Finalist by innovating every possible aspect of the plaster (band aid).

The design revisions were:

- Strategic cut-outs shape to fit fingers in such a way that it is easy to bend them and not disrupt the bandage.

- An intelligent dressing material allows you to regularly check wounds from the outside, without upsetting the healing process.“According to research, the when an infection of a wound is detected, the pH value is between 6.5 and 8.5. AmoeBAND’s indicator cross turns purple, alerting the user needs to change it immediately.

- Since the bandage material used exudes a leather-like feel, availability in different skin-tones helps it blend in, without overly highlighting the injury.

- The packaging has been redesigned to a matchbox style and includes Braille instructions.

Hat tip to designers Tay Pek-Khai, Hsu Hao-Ming, Tsai Cheng-Yu, Chen Kuei-Yuan, Chen Yi-Ting, Lai Jen-Hao, Ho Chia-Ying, Chen Ying-shan, Weng Yu-Ching, and Chung Kuo-Ting

it’s always funny when people improve on something and you look at the innovations and it’s like so fucking obvious what needed to be changed, but yet no one seemingly thought of it until then, yourself included


OMG, Why don’t they sell this amazing band-aid in the in the stores when I need them??? This could have helped me a lot

I’ve been wondering since i was a little kid why the only colour band aid you can find were pale. This is so nice to see though.

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when friends start shipping your OTP


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i should be studying

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gone in 60 seconds

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girls by arlir

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"What would you say if I said a vengeful boy on a path of nihilism was taken under the wings of fearsome angels, and learned to destroy hope with their light?"

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im leaving youtube forever

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From A Series of Unfortunate Events DVD commentary track.

if you haven’t watched this film with the commentary then you are missing out, it’s hilarious. “Lemony Snicket” was completely unhappy with the film and wanted no real part of it and so in the commentary he just fucks about. Seriously, at one point he gets out an accordion and drowns out the director with his playing

"nearly all of my life"

Lemony Snicket sass is what I aspire to in life.

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Drive Through

Instructions unclear

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Jumping on the “let’s draw Moana because we’re all too excited to wait until 2018” bandwagon! I’m pretty darn excited (but also scared Disney will make a pig’s ear out of it).

Anyway, from what I have heard moana means ocean in both the Hawaiian and Maori languages and so chose those two cultures to imagine what Moana might look like. The top is Maori and the bottom two are Hawaiian (really just playing with hair and faces in that last one, tho’). Sorry these are messy and poorly colored :P. I plan to do more!

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